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Cafe Barriers & Banners

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Cafe Barriers and Banners

Displaysense offers a diverse and cost effective range of cafe barriers and windbreak banners that provide a hugely adaptable solution for all kinds of businesses. A common sight on streets across the world, cafe barriers are incredibly popular with cafes, eateries and bars but are also widely used across a number of other industries and sectors. There are many advantages that a cafe barrier system bring to a business, which are highlighted below.

How a Cafe Barrier Can Benefit Your Business

By installing a cafe windbreak system in the front or back of your premises, you'll instantly reap the benefits. Here is a list of the key advantages that our restaurant barrier system offers:

  • Maximise your Potential - taking advantage of all available commercial and retail space is an important step to maximise the potential of your business. Cafe barriers are perfect for increasing the capacity of customers you are able to cater for and also adds an extra dynamic to your business by offering an environment that offers fresh air and alfresco cuisine. An outside eating area is an appealing sight to weary shoppers and also offers a place for smokers to congregate and socialise whilst also protecting all patrons from cold winds.
  • Adaptable and Versatile - we've made sure our cafe barriers are quick, simple and easy to put together, although they also offer protection against 'casual' tampering from children and other mischief makers. Any number of designs can be achieved by combining these components and packs to create a fully bespoke cafe barrier system that can quickly be re-arrange and tweaked to cater for a completely different purpose such as queue barrier management or an interior exhibition display.
  • Flexible - unlike many other systems, the Displaysense range of cafe banners features an elasticated design that allows the metal cross bars to cope with knock, bumps and inclement weather without the risk of falling over - conditions that rigid systems are often susceptible to. Despite this flexibility, these barriers are also sturdy and hardwearing, ensuring many years of profitable use.
  • Fully Customisable - creating your own fully bespoke, unique banner system has never been easier. We offer 3 custom art packages which allow you to get a truly personalised cafe barrier setup that will make your business look even more professional and also advertise your services to passers by. For more information on our artwork packages please see below.

How to Create Your Cafe Barrier System

Firstly, we advise you measure the area in which you'll predominantly be using the cafe barrier setup. Once you have an idea of size you can purchase the according components of banners, kits and posts that can be accommodated by the available space. Alternatively we supply fully made packs and extension bays that offer a quick and convenient method of purchasing your restaurant outside banner system. Click here to view a full guide to our cafe barrier range

Purchasing a Cafe Barrier System

To purchase a cafe banner system, decide on the components or full system packs you require and click on the 'Add To Basket' button. Once you are happy with the contents of your basket follow the on screen instructions that will guide you through delivery and payment options. If you'd like to order over the phone or have any further questions regarding our cafe banner system, then give us a call on 0845 200 8139.

5 Easy Steps for choosing your Perfect Cafe Barrier System

Step 1. Measure Your Area
Measure your area to decide how many Cafe Barriers you will need for your Cafe Barrier System

Step 2. Choose Barrier Components
Choose how many Banner Posts and Cafe Barrier kits you will need as well as the length, as the Barrier Cross bars are available in two sizes.

Step 3. Select Banner Type & Printing
Choose your banner material - PVC, PVC Mesh or Canvas Effect - to meet your design needs and location conditions, as well as decide if you want to print on one or both sides of the banner.

Step 4. Decide your Artwork Setup
Supply your design in a print ready format to save time & money. But we can also offer custom designs based upon your brief. Choose which one suits your budget and resources.

Step 5. Complementary Products...
Choose complimentary products to add to your barrier system as well as other related products that help with your promotions and overall displays.