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Clothes Steamer Reviews

If you are looking to buy a clothes steamer for your home or business, make sure you look at our garment steamer reviews to ensure you get the right one.

Clothes steamers are a fast and efficient way of eliminating creases from various fabrics, however some are more suitable than others.

To help you find the right steamer for your needs we have reviewed a selection of the latest clothes steamers and produced a comparison of the best 5.

Top 5 Garment Steamers Reviewed

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Latest Clothes Steamer Review

Best Steam - Garment Steamer

BestSteam Garment Steamer - GAR1500

The BestSteam is a great all-round fabric steamer. While others have focused on style, some on duration of use, the BestSteam garment steamer suits all needs.

We have put the BestSteam clothes steamers through some rigorous testing and it passed with ease.

  • Power: Noticeably quicker at removing creases compared to similar priced steamers (30% more power compared the Fridja F1000 & Jiffy steamer).
  • Steam for longer: The water tank holds over 3 litres which meant it went on for a nearly 30mins more than the Jiffy steamer.
  • Dealing with various fabric thicknesses: We tested it on a wide range of fabrics - from curtains and thick cotton clothes to delicates such as silk, cashmere, and lace - and it sailed through them all.
  • Value for money: There maybe higher profile brands on the market place but where the BestSteam lacks in publicity, it makes up for it in ability and stands head & shoulders above some of the Propress ranges that are 3-4 times more expensive.

While many garment steamers specialise in one area such as the Fridja F1000 which is great for domestic use but struggles with the demands of a retailer, the BestSteam is so versatile that is as suitable in the home as it is in a commercial environment.

We liked the BestSteam so much we have made it our Best Buy clothes steamer!

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