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Retail Glass Shelving Units

Adding a glass shelving unit to your walls is a great way to create a vibrant, modern display for your products. Here are some of the reasons why the glass shelves from Displaysense have proved so popular with our clients across Ireland.

Using Glass Shelving Units

At Displaysense you have a choice of three different orientations of glass shelving units. These include floor standing glass shelves, wall mounted glass shelving and also ceiling to floor glass shelf variations. Each of these glass shelf units offers the user different key benefits. For those looking for a movable or temporary display floor standing versions are perfect although creating permanent fittings with them is also a great option. Glass shelving, regardless of the type you choose to use, is an incredibly simple and effective form of merchandise display.

How Glass Shelves Can Help Your Displays

Thanks to the clear, see through finish, glass shelving instantly creates a modern aesthetic that can take your displays to the next level. Other glass products look particularly impressive when shown on a retail glass shelving unit which is why you'll often see perfume being promoted on glass shelves.

Optimising Your Glass Display Shelves

Using a mixture of floor, wall and hanging glass shelf units will let you create a fully optimised shopping environment for your customers. You can also use a number of other display products to compliment any of your glass shelving units. We advise that you carefully consider how many products you choose to place on each of the glass shelves as they should neither be too crowded or too sparse. Taking note of the shelf capacities can also be very important.

Ordering Glass Shelving Displaysense Ireland

We have over 30 years of experience delivering glass shelving to our customers up and down Ireland. There are often discounts available when ordering larger quantities of glass shelves. You can order online or over the phone with Displaysense so you'll always be able to shop the way that suits your needs.