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What is In Queue Merchandising?

In queue merchandising is a proven method of managing queues in shops whilst generating extra revenue. Adding extra sales space throughout the queuing process is an established method used by leading retailers and is quickly becoming more popular with smaller independents.

In Queue Merchandising may also be known as: In-Q Merchandising and Queue Shelving.

Why should I use an in queue merchandising system over a traditional barrier system?

Retractable and rope based queuing systems will always remain a cost effective queue management technique however they are limited to simply helping manage the flow of customers.

An in-queue merchandising system can manage your customer queues, plus offer you an extra revenue stream. Customers in a queue are already in the mindset of buying, so the queue is the best place to add cross-sale products, impulse purchases and promotional goods.

With the potential to increase your customer's average spend by up to 400% our in queue merchandising systems offer a very fast return on your investment. By replacing traditional barriers with an in queue merchandising system you can convert queuing time into additional shopping time.

Which In Queue Merchandising System is Right for You?

Atlas Queuing System: Our Atlas in queue merchandising system is a very versatile range with a wide selection of shelving designs to suit your store and products. If you are looking for a new way to increase your sales then the Atlas range could be a wise choice.

Zeus Queuing Barriers: We understand that the traditional rope and retractable queuing barriers are still a popular choice and we have a great choice for you. If you are looking for a simple and low cost option then check out our Zeus Range.

Titan Wire Chrome System: This is a great in-q merchandising system for shops with a variety of size products. With large sturdy shelves, this system is great for displaying large sale items that would otherwise be held in a stock room.