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iPad & Tablet Holders

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iPad & Tablet Stands

Looking for an Android or iPad stand? Displaysense offer a wide range of deluxe, elegant and secure tablet and iPad enclosures for commercial use in public places. Our iPad and tablet holders are perfect for demanding environments like retail, exhibitions, corporate or events. Whether it's a wall mounted iPad holder, a tablet floor stand or secure desktop mount, our high quality products are very versatile and suit a variety of professional tablet requirements.

Compatible Tablets

Displaysense work with highly successful manufacturers to bring the perfect tablet kiosk for you. Our premium tablet stands are compatible with most 9-10inch models for the following tablet brands; Apple, Samsung, Archos, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Yarvik, Acer, Point of View, HP and Dell.

Professional Elegance from Every Angle

Our range of iPad and tablet holders are designed with modern and stunning looks regardless of what angle you approach the kiosk from. Cable-Tidy Management keep all cables hidden from view ensuring continuous power and visual clarity.

First-Class Engineering

At Displaysense, we pride ourselves on good looking products that are built to last. Our key professionals ensure all our iPad and tablet stands will be forever at the forefront of superb quality and easy functionality.

No Interference

The high quality design of our tablet stands ensures all WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth signals are not disturbed by the holder. Giving you peace of mind that you don't turn up to an exhibition show and find yourself with no internet connectivity! Other online sellers cannot guarantee this, Displaysense can.

Crystal Clear Sound

Visual appeal isn’t everything. If you wish to use the tablet for presentations, demonstrations or videos then generally clear sound is a must, another method of drawing potential clients or customers towards your brand.

Straight-forward Assembly

Clear assembly and installation instructions are included with every product, so getting your tablet kiosk up and running could not be easier. If you need any assistance or advice, we are always available to take your call.


Solid steel construction with robust security screws ensure the tablet or iPad enclosed is secure at all times.

Fast Delivery

All Displaysense iPad and tablet stands are in stock and ready to be delivered to you now!


More and more retailers are successfully connecting ecommerce and digital marketing channels with their bricks and mortar or pop-up retail environments to provide an all-in-one customer experience. We are excited to see this approach springing up regularly from our clients and in the press. But from a consumer's point of view we all have frustrating shopping experiences in which there’s still a disparity between the in-store and online shopping experience. This means that by effectively syncing up your channels, your brand has the opportunity to really stand out and gain the visibility it deserves.

Displaysense tablet kiosks are designed to provide that innovative link in the omnichannel retail chain, allowing you to embed digital content and technology into your physical retail environment, empowering shoppers to buy from you.

Below are a few examples of how you can successfully refresh your store with new ideas and promotions to draw your customer's attention:

  • Present special offers or promotions that will boost sales.
  • Effective data capturing tool for marketing purposes, collect vital information such as email addresses, name, phone numbers and postal addresses in which you can perform marketing campaigns to bring more business, resulting in more revenue.
  • Involve loyalty schemes, competitions and surveys to grant your consumers and more interactive shopping experience.
  • Deliver customer experiences, reviews, videos or for additional information on products. Tell them about the brand and where its from!
  • Social media marketers can use digital touchpoints in store to encourage people to Facebook "Check In", "Tweet" on Twitter about a destination store.

Exhibition Tablet Stands

Powered by the evolution of digital marketing, tablets have become an essential for every pop-up, product launch, sponsorship suite or exhibition stand. Product demos, interactive presentations, digital catalogues, surveys and competition sign-ups can all be handled effortlessly by this consumer-friendly piece of kit. Tablet kiosks are also taking the hassle and expense out of operations; replacing expensive, clunky systems for visitor registration, ticketing, lead capture and on the spot selling.

Live events are an opportunity like no other for brands and prospective customers come face to face and get to know each other a little better. But the moment can be brief and successful event marketers understand that it is critical to get their story across in an instant, impactful way and capture customer details in order to take the relationship beyond the first encounter.

Displaysense iPad and tablet holders supports this thriving category by providing flexible, secure and beautiful ways to integrate tablets into the experiential environments. Our kiosk products for the event sector are quick and easy to setup, they're reliable, they enhance the design of your space and protect your tablet without creating a barrier between the customer and the content you want to present.

Leisure and Hospitality Tablet Stands

Spare time and spending money are precious commodities for today’s consumers. Armed with a wealth of digital tools, they demand more from leisure and hospitality businesses and are increasingly vocal when they don’t get it. On the flip side, happy customers sharing their experiences online have become a powerful asset for a brands.

This trend has powered a growing focus on ‘customer experience’, and tablet kiosks are taking a central role in the transformation of the industry. In hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars and beyond, touch screen computers are taking on many guises. With the right piece of software, a tablet can be turned into a tour guide, virtual concierge, digital menu, internet terminal or self-service check-in point.

Whatever role tablets play in your leisure or hospitality environment, Displaysense believes that it is vital for them to be dressed for the occasion. Our stylish yet secure iPad and tablet enclosures are designed to turn a consumer product into a serious piece of professional kit, without compromising on looks or functionality.