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Queue Barriers and Barrier Posts

Welcome to Irelands best selection of barrier pots and crowd control barriers. There is a huge range of applications that these high quality queue barrier units can be used in. Anywhere that crowds of people are likely to occur, one of the rope or retractable barriers can be deployed to create a safer, more efficient and ultimately more pleasant experience for all involved.

Belt and Retractable Barrier Posts

Often seen in busy location such as airports, retractable barriers are the quickest type of crowd barrier to setup thanks to the easy-to-use belt mechanism. The speed and ease in which one can set up a retractable barrier is part of what makes these such popular queue barrier solutions. The durability and long life of the belt barriers is another reason that customers in Ireland have been so happy with their purchase.

Rope Barriers

A rope barrier adds a touch of class and professionalism to any location you choose to use it. Nightclubs, bars, hotels and many other institutions have widely used rope queuing systems. The popularity of rope barrier posts in these industries can be explained by their stylish aesthetic and ability to blend seamlessly into existing displays.

Displaysense Ireland supplies a number of different colours of rope as well as floor standing barrier posts and wall mounted clip sockets. This means that you can find all you need to create the ultimate rope barrier installation for crowd control.

Crowd Barrier Post Usage

As stated, the range of uses that a crowd control barrier system can be used for is huge. Many businesses throughout Ireland and beyond have found out just how useful a barrier post solution is for keeping queuing areas well organised, neat and orderly. Helping customers understand how to reach their required destination in the correct way can have huge positive effects on the overall efficiency of your business as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.

Crowd Control Barrier Accessories

Choose the style and colour of barrier rope that best suits your needs. You can also find a great selection of added extras that can help turn the barrier posts into a truly unique, professional display. These extras include a best selling range of specially designed literature holders to show key information to those people queuing in the crowd control barriers.