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Twin Slot

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Buying Guide

Twin Slot Shelving Displays

Our twin slot shelving range comprises 3 unique styles, all of which offer unique advantages. The standard 'Mercury' twin slot system features wall mounted brackets in 3 sizes that can be quickly attached to the wall for a secure shelving installation.

The 'roto' twin slot shelving system features tubular supports and is both freestanding and wall secured for added strength. The 'Finesse' range boasts an oak and black metal construction making it ideal for those looking for a high quality, attractive twin slot shelving display. Here's a quick guide to help you create the perfect shelving unit, whichever style you choose to use.

Select the right components for your build

Twin Slot Shelving Displays

Orientation - Choose whether you want a wall mounted or floor standing display.

Twin Slot Shelving Displays

Upright & Support Posts - Choose the height and style of your shelving display.

Twin Slot Shelving Displays

Shelf and Brackets - Choose which style of shelf will best suit your display.

*Please note that MRC1800 is incompatible with our finesse range

How to build your own Twin Slot Shelving Display

Mount your first upright

Step One: Mount your first upright post to the wall, ensuring that this upright is perfectly straight.

Measure the width of your shelf

Step Two: Measure the width of your shelf in order to work out the distance between your two upright posts.

Fix the second upright to your wall

Step Three: With the distance between the upright post marked, fix the second bracket to the wall.

Position your second shelf brackets

Step Four: With both upright posts mounted to the wall, position two shelf brackets at the desired height for each shelf.

Place all shelves on to the unit

Step Five: Now place the shelves on to the shelf brackets.

Please note if you are using our wooden shelf & bracket you will need to screw fix each shelf.

View our full range of Twin Slot Range

Now your ready to build your own Shelving Display
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