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Clothes Rails

Clothes Rails are the perfect tool for displaying and storing clothing and accessories. Hanging garments not only creates a clean and tidy space, but also prevents wrinkles and creases; customers can easily view all the items on display and quickly grab the item they’re looking for.

Heavy Duty Clothes Rails
Two Tier Clothes Rails
Wall Mounted Clothes Rails
Display Rails

Things to consider when buying a clothes rail

What are you looking to hang or display on the rail? Choose from a variety of hanging rails including wall mounted and mobile options; opt for a heavy duty rail if you are going to hang a large amount of clothing. Although heavy duty clothes rails are built to hold high weight capacities, they are often lightweight and easy to move and can be easily dismantled for transporting to shows, events and market stalls. Opt for a rail smaller in length or height to hang children's clothing.

It is important that you consider how they will fit into the store and remember to leave plenty of space for customers to move around. You don't want your customers and staff to navigate an assault course - try and maintain an ordered, clean and logical layout that suits the general flow of your product ranges.

For narrow or smaller shop layouts you may find that wall mounted rails are the best, although you should take care to ensure you do not hang the garments out of reach of customers. Consider hanging smaller sized items lower and larger items higher.

A larger store can accommodate free standing units, such as spiral rails that allow you to utilise your space effectively. You can also position such garment rail displays in a prominent position - maybe by the door of your shop - to draw attention to particular garments or new collections. Multi-arm display rails are also ideal for large areas as you can show off items of clothing on four sides. These have proved a popular choice for large scale department stores and are a common sight on the high-street.

A portable or mobile option with castor wheels is a useful addition to any store. Temporary displays during sales periods and your shop changing rooms will always benefit from the portability and manoeuvrability that they provide. They are also used to transport clothes from the stock room to the shop floor; opt for a reinforced clothes rail with heavy duty wheels if you plan to frequently wheel the rail back and forth.

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