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Hallway Storage Ideas

By Displaysense's Lucy Eagland

A hallway is the first thing you (and any guests) see when you enter the home and should welcome you but it can sometimes become a source of stress, especially when shoes and coats end up strewn all over the place. Take control of your hallway and create a sanctuary you will be proud to show off to visitors. 

These storage ideas will help you organise and store all the things you need and with everything in its place, it may even save you time when you are rushing to head out of the door.

1. Shoe storage
Are you sometimes baffled by how many shoes seem to end up dumped in the hallway? Take back control of the hall with a shoe rack. There are many different styles when it comes to shoe storage units so we’ll break them down so you can find the right one for you. 
  • Shoe storage with top shelf - These shoe racks double as a small console table or side board that provide additional space for storing keys and decorative items like vases or even a small mirror for those last minute checks. These units are usually larger and can hold a greater amount of shoes but some may have a narrow design that will instead make the most of any available vertical space. These are ideal for slim hallways where floor space is limited. 
Hallway shoe rack
  • Compact shoe racks – If your hallway is on the smaller side but you want to contain the clutter, compact shoe racks are ideal. Whilst they often hold less shoes, they are usually slim and have a space saving design. Some even come with handles so you can move them or easily tuck them away into a cupboard or a small niche.
  • Adjustable shoe racks – Sometimes hallways can have awkward spots but these are perfect for shoe storage. Adjustable shoe racks allow you to change the width of the rack so it fits perfectly. These are also great for when you have guests visiting and there may be more shoes than normal. Simply extend it whilst your guests are over and reduce it back down afterwards. 
  • Stackable shoe racks – Some shoe racks come with the ability to be stacked to make use of unused vertical space. These racks are usually constructed from metal or strong plastic and you can simply place two or three on top of each other to accommodate more shoes. If you no longer need the additional rack, you can simply remove it and place it away in a cupboard for when you do.
  • Over the door shoe racks – When floor space is a premium, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Or in this case, behind the door. These over the door storage units can quite often hold a large amount of shoes and if placed on the inside of a cloakroom or bathroom door, they are hidden from view once the door is closed. These are ideal for use all over the house and perfect for the inside of wardrobe doors. 
  • Shoe wardrobes – There will be more than enough storage space for even the most avid of shoe fans with a shoe wardrobe. They are designed to accommodate large amounts of shoes and conceal them view, similar to a traditional wardrobe. This style of shoe storage also keeps them clean and free from dust. 

2. Coat storage

Coats are a clothing essential and depending on the time of year, they can be quite bulky. They also sometimes get dropped by the door, balanced over the bannister or flung over the nearest piece of furniture. Keep coats in check with these space saving coat storage ideas.

  • Wall mounted clothes rails – Often people think wall mounted rails are just suited for retail shops or walk-in wardrobes but they are an ideal solution for hallways. They do not take up any floor space and they provide ample space for coat storage. They come in a variety of lengths so even if you have an odd sized alcove, you could add a rail and create a small cloakroom.
  • Coat stands – The more traditional method of storing coats on a coat stand can sometimes be quite cumbersome and take up a large amount of space, especially in narrow or small hallways. However, there are now ingenious space saving designs that feature small bases and rotating coat hooks that allow you to reorder the stand becoming bulky.
  • Wall mounted hooks – If you do not require a huge amount of storage for your own coats but would like to have the option to hang up a guests for example, you can always add some wall mounted hooks near the entranceway. They will have minimal impact on the room and keep floor spaces clear and tidy. They can also be used for hanging up small items like scarves, hats and keys that can often get lost.  
3. Umbrella storage

When the wet weather hits, where to put your umbrella can become a tricky question. Placing them on hard floors can become dangerous as pooling water can cause a slip hazard and when placed on carpet or wooden floors, wet umbrellas can cause water damage. When they are tucked away in a drawer or cupboard, umbrellas can get forgotten about and frustratingly, it usually means you can’t find one when the rain strikes.

Umbrella stands come in various sizes and some can even accommodate both compact and tall golf umbrellas. For discreet and space saving storage, you can purchase umbrella stands that are designed to fit into tight corners so their impact of the room is minimal. You will always want to look for umbrella holders that feature an in-built drip tray collect any water and to aid the drying process, an open design will allow air to flow throughout.

4. Small item storage

There will always be items, such as keys and other accessories, that don’t have an obvious home and they can have a tendency to go wandering, usually when you are in a rush! Contain them inside storage boxes and baskets so you can just grab and go before leaving for the day.

  • Plastic storage boxes – Plastic storage boxes are hygienic and can easily be wiped out if they become dirty. To easily find what you are looking for, clear plastic storage boxes are ideal but coloured storage boxes will add a touch of fun.
  • Wooden storage boxes – Wooden boxes are incredibly popular in modern homes as they bring a touch of rustic charm and scandi style to a house. They are incredibly durable and come in a variety of different finishes and can even be personalised if you opt for untreated wood. 
  • Wicker style baskets – Wicker is an ever popular choice because it is robust and timeless, the ultimate combination. Smaller baskets can be placed on top of a sideboard or shelf and larger baskets will look stylish placed alongside a shoe rack or coat stand. 
  • Canvas or felt baskets – For a softer addition, look no further than canvas or felt. Both incredibly robust but less imposing.
There are many different types of storage boxes, you can read our full breakdown of the types in our Storage Box Buying Guide.

No matter how much space you have, you can bring back order to your hallway with some simple storage solutions. Don’t forget to tag @Displaysense if your hallway makeover.