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LED & Digital Displays

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LED & Digital Displays

LED displays are becoming increasingly popular and can create a focal point for your business; illuminated displays are a modern way to maximise visibility. Make your posters and POS displays stand out with the bright glow emitted by LED lighting. Choose from poster cable kits, snap frames, free standing displays, menu displays and more.

What are LEDs?

Light-emitting diode – an LED is a diode that glows when electricity passes through it to create an electronic light source. LEDs do not contain any fragile elements making them more durable than standard lighting.

What are LED and Digital Displays used for?

Illuminated displays are great for creating a focal point in your window display or shop floor and are popular with estate agents, travel agents, opticians; they can also be used in reception areas or as menu displays. We recommend using Dura Trans or Back Lit Paper that can be used with most inkjet or laser printers to print your own graphics. Back lit paper allows light to be evenly distributed to create a vivid display.

What are the benefits of LED lights?

  • LED lighting is a cost effective, modern option with low power usage
  • LEDs can be left on for long periods of time without the worry of high running costs or over-heating
  • LED bulbs are long lasting and highly durable compared to standard lighting due to the materials used
  • LEDs emit a white glow to illuminate your display, catching the attention of passers-by and potential customers
  • LED bulbs instantly reach full brightness

Our LED kits are easy to install, with the majority of products being ‘plug and play’. Add the ‘wow’ factor by creating a dynamic display with our digital media screens.