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Coat Hangers

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Coat & Clothes Hangers

To ensure your clothes store or bedroom wardrobe is kept neat and organised, Displaysense carry a range of coat hangers to create a more organised space quickly and easy. Whether you are looking for a hanger for shirts, dresses, trousers or even lingerie you’ll find just what you need to ensure your garments are kept pristine and easy for customers to sift through. Clothes Hangers, replicating the shape of humans shoulders will allow garments to hang straight and maintain shape, reducing creases and wrinkles whilst saving valuable space on your clothing rail or wardrobe.

Choose from our range of plastic clothes hanger for hanging lightweight items such as blouses and t-shirts or opt for a sturdier option in our wooden clothes hangers range designed to support heavier items, like coats and suits. You’ll also find a selection of sleek metal hangers, great for storing a larger quantity of clothing due to the slim design, making these ideal for dry-cleaners. If you own a bridal or lingerie store then you may find our range of satin hangers the perfect choice for your delicate dresses or under garments due to the soft padded frame.

Bulk Discounts on Clothes Hangers

Whether you are looking for a single hanger or a box of 1000, all of our hangers are sold individually enabling you to choose the amount you are after. What’s better is the more you buy the greater discount you will receive.