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Wall Mounted Clothes Rails Buying Guide

By Displaysense's Carrie Gilbertson

Whether you are looking to save space, design a customised clothes hanging solution or bring an industrial feel to your retail store or home, wall mounted clothes rails may be the answer to your all your needs. When floor space is tight, wall mounted clothes rail offer ample hanging space for all your clothes and by being attached to the wall, they are incredibly strong, allowing heavier loads to be hung. The rails can be mounted at the height most suitable for you or your customers, making it easy to browse all the clothes on display. They can also be used to transform a space that you may not have been able to make use of before. Small alcoves and cupboards can be transformed into striking walk-in wardrobes or cloakrooms to keep everything clean and tidy.

If you’re contemplating purchasing a wall mounted clothing system, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to help you make the right purchase.

Wall Mounted Single Rails

Offering the most customisation, these rails are incredibly popular on the market. They are primarily constructed from metal and usually come with a chrome or silver finish. The exact materials are important though as you want to make sure you get the right product for your needs. A heavy duty steel like that used in our Wall Mounted Clothes Rails would offer peace of mind that the rail will be strong and durable. These rails can be layered and pair nicely with other rails and hanging solutions such as clothes arms. For added security or where the volume of garments is high, additional supports can be added. These rails are popular in the home, offices and retail because you can easily see all the clothing and they keep floors clear and tidy.

Wall Mounted Industrial Scaffolding Clothes Rails 

If you want a more visually striking storage solution, then look no further than wall mounted industrial clothes rails. Not only do these have a unique design, they are also incredibly practical thanks to their ability to be extended and being produced from galvanised steel.  These wall fixed hanging rails can stand up to the most arduous of environments whilst adding an urban feel. 

Twin Slot Wall Mounted Clothing Rails

Twin slot wall mounted shelving is not only a popular solution for retail stores but an affordable and customisable solution for a walk-in wardrobe when you want wall to wall hanging rails and shelving. The twin slot system also allows you to quickly and easily adapt the look of your clothes system to create a new and exciting design. Additional shelves, rails and arms are easy to attach so you can personalise the system as your clothing collection grows and changes.

Wall Mounted Shelving Systems

If you are looking for a system that provides enough space for your jam-packed wardrobe collection including shoes and accessories, wall mounted shelving systems may be a great dual solution for you. They provide plenty of storage options while simultaneously adding to the aesthetics of your store or wardrobe space. You can combine different parts to get customised storage and create a truly unique and visually engaging clothes storage system.

Buying Considerations

Weight- The weight that any wall mounted rail will be able to hold will depend upon the wall that is mounted on. Solid walls such as brick, cinder or cement will be able to hold much heavier loads than plasterboard walls. Always take into consideration the walls you will be hanging the rails on to. If the wall is of a less solid construction, additional supports can often be added to give you reassurance. 

Width- To create a truly personal clothes rail system, wall mounted rails come in a variety of widths. As the rails get wider, the more brackets will be required to hold up the rail.  For example, a 3.6m rail will have 5 brackets compared to a smaller rail with 2 brackets. 

Depth- Many people often wonder if the rails are going to protrude out and hinder movement, the best way to see if this would be the case for your space is to mark out the depth of the rail on the floor in masking tape. Rails will vary in depth dependant on the type so make sure to check the product features. 

Materials- If you are looking for a strong and stable wall mounted hanging rail that can cope with your bursting wardrobe, then you will want one constructed from strong steel. This is especially important for the hanging rail, which will have the clothes placed upon it. 

Style- There are many different types of wall mounted clothes rails on the market, ranging from those with Victorian detailing to rails constructed from scaffolding poles. They can also come with additional shelving to create a clothes rail storage system.


What is the right wall mounted storage solution for me?

This all depends on the size of your space and how much you are looking to store. Bulkier items and large quantities will require stronger materials and potentially additional supports. Whilst most wall mounted rails can be attached to any type of wall, more solid walls such as brick, will be able to maintain heavier weights. 

You’ll also want to take into consideration the types of clothes you are looking to store. Long items, such as dresses, will require a greater hanging height and most likely won’t leave much space above or below for extra storage. Whilst trousers and tops, which are much shorter, can be layered and a two tier clothing system would offer a greater capacity for storage. 

How can I make the most of the space I have when designing a clothes storage system?

Always consider the full height and breadth of the space. Shelving for footwear and accessories can be a great way to use up smaller expanses whilst baskets and bins can provide extra storage for smaller items. If you are using the wall mounted rails in a commercial setting, you will need to consider other merchandising items such as mannequins or dump bins and how they will work with the clothes rails. 

Does the product come with fixings?

Most wall mounted rails do not come with fixings like screws and rawlplugs. This is because different types of walls will require different fixings. Make sure to check the features of the product but if not, they will be available at all good hardware stores.

What type of screws would I need to buy?

Make sure to buy the right fixing for the wall type you are mounting and then a screw length of 50-60mm.

How much weight can a wall mounted clothes rail hold?

The weight capacity will largely depend on the material of the wall it is mounted on. Solid walls such as brick or cinder will be able to hold much heavier loads. If you are fixing to plasterboard for example, then the weight capacity will be reduced. 

The quality of materials will also play into it. Try to look for one constructed from heavy duty steel as this will be much stronger and be able to withstand more weight.